The Company
Integrated Technologies Limited (ITL) is India's largest export oriented printed circuit board (PCB) company set up to manufacture high quality single sided, double sided and multilayer PCBs with process technology from FUBA Printed Circuits Gmbh, Germany. ITL, a publicly listed company, was founded by management and engineering professionals educated in and with business experience in the United States of America, England and India. ITL is positioned to be a meaningful player in iwc replica rolex datejust replica the global market for printed circuit boards. The recently set up factory is strategically located 20kms. from, New Delhi's International Airport facilitating international operations. The factory incorporates high quality equipment, contemporary process technologies, and a highly skilled low-cost English-speaking workforce to deliver products, including fine line, complex PCBs meeting international quality standards.

ITL is approved by Government of India as a "100%" Export Oriented Unit", a special status which confers high priority treatment of the company in all its operations, including various fiscal benefits such as complete exemption from import/export duties and other taxes. The status enables the company to price its products very competitively, as it imports/ procures the highest quality inputs at correspondingly competitive prices, in addition to the "Indian advantage" of benefiting from a highly skilled low cost workforce. Priority treatment also enables it to ensure timely deliveries consistently within strict time to market programs.

The ITL Objectives

  • Achieve excellence in engineering for electronics.
  • Emerge and remain as India's largest and highest technology PCB company
  • Institutionalise a pro-active R & D, Product & Process development programme, ensuring comphrehensive customer servicing, with a view to emerging technology requirements.
  • Establish a "Customer Needs" driven quality oriented manufacturing programme. Maintain manufacturing standards to match exacting requirements of high technology and high reliability end users


While "customer needs" is the key focus in our continous endaveour to achieve "excellence in engineering and emerging technologies for the global electronics industry", we at ITL remain equally committed to ethical business practices and enviornmental issues as a socially conscious world citizen.


Quality Objectives

  • Offer guaranteed quality within tight delivery schedules / turn-around times.
  • Produce PCBs to customer-specific standards.
  • Maintain and continously update comphrehensive test equipments manned by trained personnel to support stringent quality assurance and parameters.
  • Rigid control of raw-material selection and incoming materials testing.
  • To assure adherence to customers specifications and consistency in quality standards through effective process control.
  • TQM from inception.