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Manufacturing Standards, Processes and Facilities

In-house photo plotter and CAM equipment for precise photo tools. (Orbotech)



CNC drilling, routing, and programming equipments including micro-drillers for small holes (Pluritec)

Fully equipped laboratories for incoming materials checks and process control.

OMIG Automatic Electroplating, Black-Oxide, and Desmear lines.

Computer aided controls to monitor manufacturing operations, locate sources of errors and minimise quality variations, thereby optimising yields.

Use of Horizontal Direct Metallization plating process to achieve higher quality standards and shorter turn around time.(Schmid) .

All Wet Process lines equipped with thin material transport systems (Schmid, FSL - C24 Diamond Series).

Semi-automatic screen printing machines (Theime)

Contemporary LPISM facilities.

Most contemporary Multilayer PCB production facilities including Vaccum Laminating Press and Post-etch Optical Registration system.(Lauffer, Multiline)

Advanced hot air levelling system even for SMD boards (Quick Silver - SM)

  • UL Approved (File No. E209801)
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Electrical testing for Single, Double sided  SMD boards (ATG). Other tests to meet customer requirements  such as micro-sections, adhesion testing, creeping current testing, solderability testing etc.

Quality control at every stage using visual, optical and automated processes.

Meet exacting international standards specifications such as MIL, IPC, PREFAG and also Indian C-DoT, CACT, Defence.