• A 100% Export Oriented Unit. This special status granted to ITL by the Government of India, confers high priority treatment to our Company in all its operations, including various fiscal benefits such as complete exemptions from import / export duties and other taxes. The Indian Government is continually pushing forward its agenda for rapid economic reforms translating into high industrial growth rates, quality infrastructure and most importantly, export oriented businesses continue to remain on the highest priority of the government and as such will continue to receive the highest level of commitment and encouragement.

  • Excellent and globally strategic Plant location, conveniently located only 20 kms from New Delhi International Airport. It is located in a developed industrial zone, just off  National Highway No.8 (Delhi-Jaipur, a major national highway), in the neighbourhood of electronics products manufacturing facilities. www.hublotchannel.com Omega Seamaster Replica

  • Among the lowest wage costs for highly skilled labour in the world. India, and more specifically the Gurgaon / New Delhi region with its abundance of low cost skilled labour offers the potential of high product quality at highly competitive costs.

  • International Management orientation with Indian business experience. Owned and managed by western educated professionals, with business experience in India and western countries, ITL combines the experience to enable provision of the best service to their customers world wide.

  • Complete in-house infrastructural availability. Ensures process and product reliability and quick turn around times, and therefore best possible customer service.