Capacity Development

Phase -I

The facility is designed to produce 54,000 sq. mtrs. per annum of Professional grade Single, Double and Multilayer PCBs :-

Multilayer PCBs (upto 10 layers)
Double Sided PTH PCBs
Single sided PCBs.
Sq. m./annum
= 15,000
= 25,000
= 14,000

It is intended to increase capacity to upto 1,00,000 sq. mtrs. per annum by the year end 2001

Multilayer PCBs (upto 16 layers)
Double Sided PTH PCBs
Sq. m./annum
= 50,000
= 50,000
Product Range Development
  • Range of products will be enhanced to include Teflon and Duroid based laminate PCBs.
  • Number of layers in Multilayer to be increased beyond 10.
  • Flexible, Rigid-Flexible, Metaclore Rolex Replica Watches cartier ballon bleu replica and Polymer-thick film technique, etc.

Company Development

Land 10421 Sq. m
Building 4000 Sq. m to be expanded to 10,000 Sq. m
Workforce 120 to be increased to 300